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Who We are

Here at Unee Solutions we are established with the aim of simplifying the lives of clients and their customers.

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Why Us?

Unee Solutions’ approach to the industry is through process customization and continuous improvement.

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Need Inside Sales?

Is your sales team not bringing in an adequate number of new prospects into the pipeline and therefore you would like to boost their productivity?

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Our Success

We believe success stems from focus on 3 key areas of development.
People, Processes & Knowledge

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  • e-Software Store

    Every geographic region  has its own area of speciality. While the Chinese are known for their vast manufacturing capabilities, the Japanese for specialized Robotics and the US for IT, India

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  • Inside Sales

    Our services help reduce the amount of time your team spends chasing dead-end leads and cost upto 40% less than our their western counterparts.

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  • Word Press Development

    Every company has a website today. While some act as mere brochures that communicate products and services others act as virtual market places where real transactions occur, but not all

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